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90 for 90 Strategy Session

Strategy Session

Want a taste of what it's like working with us? Then this strategy session is for you!

It is a 90-minute call with Antoinette, where we go in-depth with your business and create a strategic plan for your next 90 days.

We will discuss the following:

  • We will discuss the following:

  • 90 minutes of strategy call with Antoinette that can be divided into 2 (45 minutes) calls but must be booked in the same work-week.

  • 90 days goal setting

  • zone of genius assessment and creating your CEO list.

  • Determining pillars of your business and assessing ongoing projects and tasks under each department.

  • Identifying and listing down team members roles, responsibilities and preferred personality traits

  • Profit first budgeting coaching.

  • Overview of how to setup your Project Management tool, SOPs and other tools to delegate to your team.

  • Guide on how to build your business systems and SOPs

  • Guide on creating a 3/4 day work week life: make your business work around your life, not the other way around.

Unsure of whether you need an OBM or a VA at this stage in your business?


Need some advice on delegating and tasks management? We can talk about that too!

Thinking of organizing your processes and workflow but don't know where to start? This is my wheelhouse!

This session allows you to pick on my brain and ask me anything! 

We guarantee that you will get recommendations, tips, and actionable plans at the end of this session. 

90 for 90 Business Restructure consultation

3 Months Consultation
2 Consultation Calls/ Month

$3,000 or 3 monthly pays of $1200

  • 2 bi-weekly calls every month.

  • Determining pillars of your business and assessing ongoing projects and tasks under each department.

  • Zone of genius assessment and creating your CEO list. 

  • Coaching: staying in your zone of genius/art of delegation.

  • Coaching: profit first budgeting

  • Coaching: What kind of leader are you and how can you lead a thriving team? 

  • Coaching: Creating a 3/4 day work week life: make your business work around your life, not the other way around.

  • Create up to maximum of 5 main SOPs or 2 business department SOPs.

    • Example SOPs:​

      • Client on-boarding/off-boarding

      • Customer Service SOP

      • Email Management SOP

      • Building WP website basics.

      • Research delivery

      • Plotting appointments for CEO.

      • Recruitment SOP

  • Guide on how to create future SOPs

  • Identifying and listing down team members roles, responsibilities and preferred personality traits.

  • Done for you hiring at the end of the 90 day program once the roles needed are determined based on the progress that we have completed.

Online Business Management


20 hours/month

30 hours/month

40 hours/month

Are you ready to step into your zone of genius? Step out of the day to day administrative and management task and focus on your vision and growing the business. 

You bring the vision and strategy, I bring the implementation and management!

Systems Building & SOP Creation

  • Let's get automating! Now there is really no 100% automation but your business can run without you lifting a finger if you have solid SOPs (standard operating procedure) and processes in place.

  • SOPs is my superpower. I create SOP even for my household "lather, rinse, repeat" tasks. I will be more than happy to create SOPs and systems for your launches and other administrative tasks that need to be delegated to a VA. 

Project Management

  • With ten years of experience in project management, I can take ownership of all of your projects in your business and ensure that the ball is always rolling! 

  • I am goal-oriented and results-focused. I will stick to your "why" on every project that we do and not just meet metrics for metric's sake. I will manage projects having your vision in my head.

Team Management

  • A great system partnered with a great team creates an unstoppable business. Be sure to broaden your visions and broaden it wide for when we are at the point where we are operating in the background like clockwork; we will be dancing endlessly to the music that is your brain. 

  • I am a thoughtful leader, and I scored 9 out 10 in Fact Finder in Kolbe A personality test. Combining my love for SOPs and my passion for setting up my team to success, I study the team members I inherit from your previous hires or the team members I deploy and put them in situations that they will succeed in. We will create a culture in your business where our people love to work with us because they are appreciated, and they know how they contribute to the success of the company.

  • Done-for-you hiring and vetting. Having my own agency, I have access to virtual assistants whom I trained myself and I am also accustomed to creating job posts, vetting candidates and onboarding when there is a need for an additional team member to our team!

Operations Management

  • We will build your "yes" list wherein we will only enlist the tasks that you to focus on. Everything else is managed by your OBM. Worry no more about your day to day operations!

Are you ready to bring take your time back and focus on your vision? Are you ready to bring harmony to your work and personal life? Book a discovery call with me to learn more!

Kala Philo,

Video Coach & Founder

Mirror Your Brilliance on Video

Antoinette and her team are amazing if you are ready to level up and turn over everything you don't want to be doing - and shouldn't be doing, in your online business. She's a strategic partner for me, too - she understands my business model and audience. She and her team are doing an amazing job hitting the ground running and keeping up after just a couple of weeks. 

Stevie Johns

Chief of Staff

Mobile Marketing Association

Antoinette and her team are an extremely dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to get the job done. While managing many tasks, she is disciplined, organized, responsible, professional and has a 'get it done' attitude. I enjoy working with her and appreciate her attention to detail. Her expertise is vast and will take on any task with a smile. I highly recommend her!

Zazel Francis 

CEO & Creative Director

Creative Web Co.

She has a very methodological style of working which is great for tasks that require you to follow a set process with precision.