My Story


My name is Antoinette, I am an advocate of life in alignment and abundance. This is the end of the hustle culture. This is a new era of abundance in all aspects of our lives!


Can you help me in my mission to help 1,000 lifestyle business owners to function in abundance, alignment and courage?

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I was that girl, too!


I get it! After partnering with multi 7-figure businesses in almost 10 years and building my business to 6 figures in 2019 - I know the hustle. 

I remember the 12-hour (or more!) work days.

I remember waking up randomly at 3 am thinking you forgot to do something for the day.

I remember when EVERYTHING seems urgent and needs to be done NOW - all of the time! 

I can count with regret and a broken heart how many movie nights, class presentations, dance recitals, soccer games and ballet practices I have missed.

The thing is, we are missing the bottomline. This is not why we are in business. We're supposed to be building a business that supports our lifestyle and not the other way around. What if I tell you that you can build a business in alignment with who you are, who you want to be and your vision in life?

Clarity - this is where you want to start. Gain clarity on who you are - your strengths and weaknesses. Create systems and build processes to support you in your business so you operate solely on your zone of genius.

Authenticity and Alignment - tap and lean into your authentic self. Learn about her fears, her joy, her power and her pains. Bring your authentic self front and center of your life and business and step into your power. That, my dear, is how you begin the journey to a happy life.

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The Journey


I don’t have an MBA, a shiny diploma or any acronym letters after my name. On second thought, maybe I do - MOM!

I am Antoinette Placides, MOM. Allow me to share with you my story and why I do what I do. 

I went to college for half a day and never looked back. By lunch time, I knew I was not fit to be in the box. I knew I was setting myself up for failure if I would finish College and follow what the society told me and expect me to be and live the life that I was expected to have - so I dropped out. At that time, I didn’t know what my purpose was but I knew from my gut it’s something I wouldn’t learn from College. 

So here I am, after so many years of learning with life and experiences as my teacher, passionate about going after the life I love and fulfilling my purpose.

How about you? Are you on the same journey too?


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Hi! My name is Antoinette, I am a Lifestyle Business Coach with a background of being a Certified OBM®, Certified eCommerce Marketing Specialist and Certified FixThisNext Advisor.


I am an intuitive, an empath, aspiring Makeup Artist, Yogi and a mom of 3 passionate little humans based in Paris.

I help high achieving business owners who know their vision, have clarity in their business and life but need help in laying out a path or a map to bring it to reality, an accountability partner or an intuitive yet logical strategy. 

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel - you are the wheel! You just have to tune into it and listen. 

I help successful online business owners get a harmonious balance in life. 

You will not get this if you keep on hustling 24/7! Hustling is no longer the way we do it - it is not sustainable nor scalable. It leads to burn out eventually to crashing your business, and I've seen this happen multiple times. This is not how we do it in this day and age. We do it like a rockstar - in 3 day work weeks!

Want the secrets to my 3-day work week life? 

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