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What if all you had to do is stay in your


Zone of Genius?


Are you ready to take your life back?

The 90 Day Process That will give you your life back

I see you! You have dreamed of building a business around your passion and you have spent years and years of hard work to hit your 7 digit earning months.

Whoohoo! You've finally done it and the business is growing at a phenomenal rate and your clients love you! You love what you do but as the business grows, it starts to take up so much of your time and energy that should have been spent well with your family or doing what you do best in the business. Instead, here you are, managing projects, sending invoices, answering client inquiries, putting out fires and doing every single administrative task.

Wouldn't you love to have calmness, harmony and well-spent energy in both your life and in your business?

Wouldn't it be so nice to have a roadmap for the next 90 days in your business and for your team to know exactly what to do and when exactly to do it?

Isn't it such a good place where you are planning your next quarter strategy to scale up and keeping the cashflow secured for the current quarter so you can focus on delivering high-quality products and services to your clients and not be worried on the next strategies every single month? 


How many ballets shows, soccer games and family gathering have you missed? How many more holidays do you intend to be half present for your family? How many hours of sleepless nights are you willing to sacrifice? 

What if I tell you that there is a way to go on vacation and attend to your family 100% unplugged from your business? What if all you had to do is to focus on your zone of genius which was the entire goal of all of this in the first place? What if you can work ON the business and IN the business?


We can lay out a plan for our first 90 days together to create systems in place and deploy team members so you can take your life back and focus on what you do best. 


Your job is to bring the vision and the strategy and our job is to bring it to reality and ensure that you are at your best state to deliver at all times to show up for your business and personal life!

What it looks like working with us


Business Deep Dive Call


Planning of our 90 days business plan


Put out fires and get the party started! 


THIS woman is a miracle. Earlier this year I put "Hire a kickass VA" (virtual assistant) on my vision board (yes I have a vision board, its a google slide show, no glitter involved. Not that there's anything wrong with glitter.)
And voila!!
Antoinette Placides is amazing if you are ready to level up and turn over everything you don't want to be doing. She's a strategic partner for me, too - she understands my business model and audience. She and her team are doing an amazing job hitting the ground running and keeping up after just a couple of weeks. Thank you so much!!🌺πŸ’ͺ

Kala Philo, Video Coach & Founder,
Mirror Your Brilliance on Video Method


Systems Building & SOP Creation

We aim to set your business from reactive to proactive mode! We can place systems in place and create SOPs to ensure that your team and your business will sustain the growth that you aim for.

Project Management

With years of experience in managing projects, we are happy to take on the lead to spearhead your projects and always keep the ball rolling.

Industry and Market Research

Revenue Generating Activities: Strategizing & Monitoring

Knowing and listening to your market is one key factor in each of your launches' success. We are armed with the knowledge to determine your market's voice so we can strategize on campaigns together. 

One of the first projects that we will conduct in our first 90 days together is to check your business financial status and ensure that you receive all invoices in a timely manner from your clients and all of the expenditures that you have are absolutely neccesary.

Team Management

A solid foundation is essential for a growing business and that means having a reliable and team. We are trained to lead teams.

Done For You Vetting & Hiring Employees

We are trained to create job posts and conduct recruitment roles when a new team member in your business is needed. From the creation of a job post to onboarding and deployment, we are are to execute the project smoothly.


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