Hi, gorgeous!


My name is Antoinette, I’m a Lifestyle Business Coach. Want to create a business you love that supports the lifestyle you desire working 3-days a week? 


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Alignment is the new hustle.


Do you have amazing goals and ideas but unclear about the next steps? 
Are you in analysis paralysis and just overwhelmed with too many things to be done? 
Do you feel like you have an awesome vision but are not so aligned with the strategies you have? 
Would it be dreamy if you are honoring your intuition and making decisions in alignment with what is true to you?
Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a 90-day plan made for you to execute the tasks to get you from point A to point B? 
More than anything, wouldn’t it be dreamy if you are able to operate your business in alignment with what you want to do and who you want to be? Think: operating in your best self!
How does a 3-day work week, intentional and heart-centered marketing and aligned projects sound?


How do you eat an elephant? You eat it one bite at a time. Working 3 days a week, removing business overwhelm, having a soulmate business and rocking sales calls are absolutely possible!  We can do it one bite at a time!

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Hi, I'm Antoinette.


I have a mission to help 1000 lifestyle business owners to function in abundance, alignment and courage. 

You, the creators, are the leaders. You bring innovation and solutions to the world. You bring light and happiness. You deserve to be happy and have a life you’re in love with! 

With your stories and struggles, you give hope and inspiration. 

With your grit and strength, you provide guidance.

With your creativity, you create a new path to a better world - one product at a time.

I am passionate to be your guide to make intuitive and strategic decisions in your business and help you create a lifestyle that allows you to be in your zone of genius at all times. 


Let's make magic together!


All you need is a little (okay, A LOT) clarity! The first step to everything is awareness and recognition. Let’s re-discover you and your business and design the life and business you desire. With that, let’s find and fill the gap together!

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It’s a date! Let’s sit down together and create a map of a life that you love! Have some mind-boggling questions? Needing some guidance on planning your next steps in your business? Want to start creating your 3 day work week life? This offer is for you!

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Get access to my framework and a walkthrough video on how to use it and make it your own! I developed this framework to build my 6 figure business on 3 day work week.


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Ready to dive in? Let’s get on a 6 months journey together! This is a private coaching session where you get my guidance on creating your dream life and aligned business. 



"Antoinette is very intuitive. She will listen to your pain points and clearly identifies what you need to focus on and set the next steps that you need to take. She will definitely assist you and give you a road map where you want to take your business to the next level.


I’m so glad that I contacted her, that’s a great decision. I’m more clear now about my business and confidence that I’m doing the right track.

Book your consultation appointment with her to see what I’m telling you."


Kristine Verzo | eCommerce Business Owner

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Stop stalling...


Cure the shiny object syndrome and lack of taking action.

Don’t try to do it from point A to point Z right away - it does not work!

Having clarity in your vision, your heart and what you really want will give you confidence to pursue your dream life - a life where you are in control, you enjoy every minute of it (even the hard times) and life of harmony.

Alignment is the new hustle. We are all unique and there is someone in this world waiting to hear your story and will want to buy from you no matter what you sell. 

What if the cure for cancer is in your brain? You’re just too scared to show up, you’re just too overwhelmed to focus on one thing to get you from point A to point B, or you’re just too resistant to change? 

Are you ready to take action?

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