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3 Ways To Work With Us


90 for 90 Breakthrough Session

90 Minute Session

90 for 90 Business Check Up is an hour and a half session to bring clarity and plan your next 90 days for your business.

90 for 90 Business Strategy Consultation

3 Months Strategy Consultation

90 for 90 BSC is a consultation package where we create a 90 day plan together and meet every other week for an hour so I can guide and walk you through in implementing the action plans or discuss any hurdles in your business. 

This consultation includes 6 call sessions in total.

90 Days Strategy Implementation

3 Months Implementation

This offer is for those who are ready to take massive action and implement life changing strategies. We will get deep inside your business and bring systems to where it's needed the most to bring you more time and energy to live the life you want!


How does a 3 day work week sound?


What would you do if you only have to work 3 days a week?

Would you be traveling during your 4-day weekends?


How about finally picking up that hobby that you've been thinking about many moons ago?

Can you imagine your business still functioning well while you sit down and teach your daughter to read?

How about baking for the kids every single day? Why? Just because you can! You got time!

How about having the time to finally go to the gym EVERYDAY? Who does that?! YOU, of course!

Wouldn't you love to have calmness, harmony and well-spent energy in both your life and in your business?

Wouldn't it be so nice to have a roadmap for the next 90 days in your business and for your team to know exactly what to do and when exactly to do it?

These are some simple joys our clients enjoy after identifying and implementing the systems and process that we put in place to enable their team to free them from working IN the business so they can work ON the business. 

"We have had some major wins, some fires put out, some delays & hiccups we needed to learn from, some recalibration, but at the end of the day Antoinette has been moving things forward and delivering results we planned, even when things get a bit crazy or distracted. 

Antoinette is ultra-committed to me & my business vision. That feels really good - that it's not just any old job for her. I feel she really has my back, in a holistic way; helping to ensure that the business is evolving to the next level, and also helping me keep on top of leveling up my personal habits so I can be a more productive and fulfilled me. 

I can tell she is really empathetic to figure out how to best support me. 

I find Antoinette's personality fun to work with! We have good communication rapport that is energizing. On our video calls, she does a good job of allowing me to talk things out, but keeping me on track.

Jon Everett, CEO and Founder, FiberFlies LLC