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  • Antoinette Placides

How To: Sustainable and Efficient Email Management

One of the most mundane but essential tasks of a CEO is attending to his/her mailbox. It is where money-generating engagement usually happens; sales-related emails, appointment setting to clients and prospects and a lot more. It is so easy to get the inbox clogged which makes things hard to find.

Tell me, what do you think should you do first? Delegate your inbox to a VA then let them organize it for you or you organize it first then plug a VA in to maintain in?

At the end of the day, it is your inbox and the heart of your communication medium for your business. I say organize it first the way that fits you and the way that you understand it and create a guide for your VA on how to organize emails so you can attend to the priority items first and get to read the “good to know” items later on when you have a free time.

I have created a simple and quick guide to follow for you to replicate and apply to your email management process, you can get it at the bottom of my website.

But before jumping in to that I want you to keep these 4 things in mind:

  1. If it is important, respond and take action or delegate then file away to its appropriate folder (Pro Tip: Practice delegating as much as you can).

  2. If it is an email that requires no action but you may need in the future, allow your VA to store in an appropriate label folder.

  3. Archive! Or have your VA unsubscribe. Content pollution is real. Be vigilant in unsubscribing!

  4. Do not create too many tags and folders — we are doing this to simplify and not over complicate.

Here's a mind map to give you a picture to determine the importance of an email and how you may take action on it.

Think of your inbox as your home, your headquarters, your Shala — it is sacred. Allow only what you need in it and be firm in not polluting it.

Schedule an hour of your day to attend to the important items in your inbox that needs your attention and set another hour at the later part of your day to sift through the other items. Ensure that these hours are blocked in your calendar and try to not go beyond your allotted budget.

Voilà! Enjoy your healthy inbox and productive lifestyle!