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  • Antoinette Placides

How Having An SOP Can Save You Money

I am a fan of using loom and screencastify to provide instructions to my team when I need a task done.

Using a screen sharing tool saves me a ton of exchange of conversation via chat or e-mail when delegating a task and it increases the accuracy of task completion as I can show exactly how I want the job done.

You probably already know this and use your favorite screen sharing tool to delegate tasks to your team. However, did you know that this could also potentially causing you money?

Let me tell you a short story about Anna. Anna has been in the coaching industry for 3 years now. Anna is very efficient and loves doing loom videos for her VAs. Like many business owners, she started as a one-woman team. Anna has launched books, podcast channels, YouTube channels, and has some strong JV partnerships. However, having done this for 3 years and doing the same kind of steps in creating landing pages and funnels, spending a 10-minute loom video to delegate creating a landing page funnel is causing her more money now as she has been doing this every time she needs to delegate a task.

If Anna had created an SOP, also known as, Standard Operating Procedure, she would just be tweaking and updating it as changes happen, and she could just ask the VA to refer to SOP for the said task and perform steps 1-5 of that SOP of projects XYZ.

In my perfective, the SOP gains more value, the more Anna saves time doing the same loom video over and over. On top of that, it increases more value in the sense that it has contributed to the launch of a product or services and has earned Anna more profits.

It is tedious to do an SOP, but like anything else that you put time and effort into, you shall reap from it in the future.

What are the tasks that are considered "lather, rinse, repeat" that you think you should create an SOP for?