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Hiring Your Dream Team: Where To Begin

As a Certified OBM® and Integrator, I do the recruitment and hiring for my clients and as a agency owner, I hire my own team members as well.

One of the challenges in this process is the clarity of the role and responsibilities that you truly need. Without clarity, it will be hard to look for someone if you don't know who and what you're looking for.

It takes time and effort to hire someone but it will save you so much time and possibly heartache if this done correctly.

You must write a great job post to attract awesome team members. Think of this as if you're ordering that person from the universe. You have to spend the time to layout the skillset, traits and all descriptions of the person you're looking for.

To be able to write a succinct yet detailed job post, you have to sit down and list down the tasks that you need to hire for. By doing this, you will be able to determine the specific tasks you want to be handled and the skillsets needed for it. Sometimes you'll even figure out that you need 2 different team members. But if you have systems in place, this should be easy to identify.

Here are some questions to think about when brainstorming about the requirements to place in your job post.

  1. What are the tasks that you want to delegate? Can these tasks be done by the same person?

  2. Do you need someone who has experience and expertise on a particular subject or tools?

  3. How much budget do you have for this role?

  4. How many hours would you estimate for these tasks to be completed?

  5. Do you need them to be working during a particular schedule or time frame?

Do you need virtual assistants, help with daily operations, boost in revenue streams, a project manager, marketing manager, social media management, online business manager or someone managing the customer service emails?

These are the questions to start with to be able to write your job post.

Additional information such as personality tests, values and traits can be helpful since you are going to welcome new members of your business.

Free tests such as Myers Briggs' Personality Test or Enneargram test can be a good free resource to use.

Additionally, in the International Association of OBM community, we love Kolbe A

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