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  • Antoinette Placides

A Letter To All Leaders

I specialize in creating systems, processes, and organization. Being an online business manager also means being a leader in many ways - a leader to the business, to the team members, and my clients.

As I was going through old messages, I read one of the first "Thank you, next" letters to a supposedly ideal client of mine. I was wrong, and that experience led me to dedicate in figuring out my ideal client who I am successfully able to help.

This person is fantastic in general, but we did not jive - it happens.

I want to share my message with her about leadership. I think that I pointed out some things that are supposedly "basic," "common sense," "no brainer" things but sometimes when we are so into the numbers, metrics, and deadlines, we forget our people, our vision and the bottom line.

So here it goes.

"Think of what you'll say first and ask yourself if you want to be treated that way.

As a leader, it is part of your responsibility to think of the better good of not only the business but of everybody.

Your people are setting their families aside or the activities that they love to do to be able to work for you. I'll be it, you pay them but respect their time as you want yours to be appreciated equally.

You create a fantastic structure, business process, and systems. Hire skilled people and trust them to follow and learn the system.

Trust. Trust that you made the right decision to hire someone and that you believe in their skills and capabilities and trust them to do their job.

If a failure keeps on happening - do not blame your people, you are the leader in the first place. There must be a loophole in the system that prevents your people from succeeding unless you placed the wrong ones in position.

There may be times that one of your team members is encountering a personal challenge that prevents them from delivering a good job, take this as an opportunity to get to know them better and offer assistance on how they are going to get right back on track. Life happens even to the best of us, a day off or two, sometimes renders a person to be more productive.

Their failure is your failure - if your team is doing poorly on their job that reflects poorly on your leadership.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, and you must strive hard to figure out each of your individual employee's to be able to lead them to their fullest potential and mind you, it will pay forward - a thousandfold.

Dale Carnegie said that what makes you angry says a lot about your knowledge. Always be the bigger person. She/he may not be as knowledgeable as you are on certain things or they don't see the perspective that you see so you reach out and enable them to do so so you can work together in sync.

Read books and attend a training, it helps. I still do train myself in all aspects I could at any given time. Not only for money or my selfish benefits but to be a better person for the people who trust me, works with and looks up to me and most especially for my children so they may lead a fruitful and meaningful life not bounded by weakness or practical measures but of values.

Thank you again for your time, and I hope you find the right one for you. This virtual world is tricky; working with someone is like entering a marriage. With full commitment and complete trust and 100% danger to be fucked over but you know, sometimes you meet the right match for you.

I wish you all the best!"

Now, you may or may not agree of some of the points I mentioned above, but this still holds true to me as a leader years after I sent this message. If anything, I grew more in-depth knowledge and a stronger foundation on this belief.

I am a systems-oriented and a thoughtful leader - I thrive when my people thrive.

Automation means 80% solid team working without you lifting a finger and 20% tools and processes operating in the background.

So tell me, what kind of leader are you and how do lead your team?