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Authentic Testimonials

Jon Everett

FiberFlies, LLC

"We have had some major wins, some fires put out, some delays & hiccups we needed to learn from, some recalibration, but at the end of the day Antoinette has been moving things forward and delivering results we planned, even when things get a bit crazy or distracted. 

Antoinette is ultra-committed to me & my business vision. That feels really good - that it's not just any old job for her. I feel she really has my back, in a holistic way; helping to ensure that the business is evolving to the next level, and also helping me keep on top of leveling up my personal habits so I can be a more productive and fulfilled me. 

I can tell she is really empathetic to figure out how to best support me." 

I find Antoinette's personality fun to work with! We have good communication rapport that is energizing. On our video calls, she does a good job of allowing me to talk things out, but keeping me on track.

Kala Philo

Mirror Your Brialliance on Video

THIS woman is a miracle. Earlier this year I put "Hire a kickass VA" (virtual assistant) on my vision board (yes I have a vision board, its a google slide show, no glitter involved. Not that there's anything wrong with glitter.)

And voila!!

Antoinette Placides is amazing if you are ready to level up and turn over everything you don't want to be doing. She's a strategic partner for me, too - she understands my business model and audience. She and her team are doing an amazing job hitting the ground running and keeping up after just a couple of weeks. Thank you so much!!🌺💪

Stevie Johns

Mobile Marketing Association

Antoinette is an extremely dedicated professional who goes above and beyond to get the job done. While managing many tasks, she is disciplined, organized, responsible, professional and has a 'get it done' attitude. I enjoy working with her and appreciate her attention to detail. Her expertise is vast, and will take on any task with a smile. I highly recommend her!

Zazel Francis

Creative Web Co

Antoinette is very honest, trustworthy, kind and works exceptionally hard. She is a great worker, as above being more confident to venture out of the norm would be good although this is often not a requirement in many roles. She has a very methodological style of working which is great for tasks that require you to follow a set process with precision.

Kristine Verzo

eCommerce Business Owner

Antoinette is very intuitive. She will listen to your pain points and clearly identifies what you need to focus on and set the next steps that you need to take. She will definitely assist you and give you a road map where you want to take your business to the next level.

I’m so glad that I contacted her, that’s a great decision. I’m more clear now about my business and confidence that I’m doing the right track.

Book your consultation appointment with her to see what I’m telling you.

Shilah Batac

Five9 Inc.

I endorse Antoinette for project management. She is focused and plans for a project making sure it is delivered on time and within budget. Great job!

Peter Phelps

Lasting Impact

Antoinette is extremely fluent in spoken English, smart, capable, and is a great partner to have on any project she accepts.

Amna Shamim

Green Legal Marketing

Antoinette is a clear communicator, asking great questions so she thoroughly understands the project and requires very little supervision to do a great job. I highly recommend working with Antoinette.

Brian Lim

Aciid IO

Antoinette was a great manager that does her job independently and very keen to learn new things. If she falls short in an area, give her some time and she will be able to perform as well as your team's best A player in that role. I would highly recommend her to anyone