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About Me

Committed to Inspiring Change

Hi! My name is Antoinette, I am a Certified Online Business Manager and Consultant. I am an aspiring Make Up Artist, Yogi and a mom of 3 based in Paris.


I work with high achieving business owners who knows their vision, has clarity in their business and life but needs help in laying out a path or a map to bring it to reality.

I help successful online business owners get a harmonious balance in life. A right balance between self-care, family time, vacation, and personal growth are the central departments that you should be working in to get a harmonious balance in life.


You will not get this if you keep on hustling 24/7! Hustling is no longer the way we do it - it is not sustainable nor scalable. It leads to burn out eventually to crashing your business, and I've seen this happen multiple times. This is not how we do it in this day and age. We do it like a rockstar! 

How might you ask? We create systems, SOPs (a.k.a Standard Operating Procedures) monitor KPIs, deploy kickass team members, and delegate well!

Imagine if we are planning the launches, promotions, and all the nuts and bolts for the next quarter now. We can do this because we have pre-planned the entire operations and administrative projects for this current quarter last quarter. 

No more cramming! There should be no more staying 12 hours or more in your laptop because of a launch coming up. 

No more putting out fires consistently and catching balls after balls, so nothing falls through the crack. We will be a proactive business rather than a reactive business where we certainly are the boss!

By having a robust system, processes, team members, and well-planned strategies 90 days ahead, you are in for a ride! Leverage your time, grow your visions, and guess what - have a real vacation that involves you not being online the whole time. 

With ten years of working experience as a Project Manager and working online as an online business manager for five years, I value and understand the importance of keeping my clients on their visions. 

Keeping you in your zone of genius is my zone of genius! I create systems, SOPs, recruit team members, and manage your day to day operations to ensure that you are focused on your visions and strategizing. 

I am a detail-oriented person with Kolbe A (9-4-3-3) and a thoughtful leader. ​I have a passion for being a good mother as well as a good in business. I value growth, professionalism, and being a part of a company with meaningful missions. Simply because these are the things that I want to teach our children - go after the life you want, grow consistently, and work for something you believe in.

If you help others, I believe in you! I choose my clients well and ensure that it's a good fit because we will work on your business as if it is mine. So what are you waiting for? Book your complimentary discovery call with Antoinette, and let's get you ready to scale up!


"Antoinette Placides is amazing if you are ready to level up and turn over everything you don't want to be doing. She's a strategic partner for me, too - she understands my business model and audience. She and her team are doing an amazing job hitting the ground running and keeping up after just a couple of weeks. Thank you so much!!🌺💪"

Kala Philo, Mirror your Brilliance On Video

About You

It is required that you know your heart and you have a clear vision before we work together because when something is added in my list - it will get done, full stop!

Being an OBM and Consultant is my craft. It is my artwork.


It’s highly important for me to work with clients in alignment with my values, beliefs and goals. I am an enabler, a supported. When I jump in on a business, I jump in 100%, head first. I am not a person of hesitation and uncertainty. I do not ask how or why, I find it out myself and clarify it with you to ensure that we are on the same page, nevertheless, it will get done!

The challenge of working with me is you’re going to face the question that we have been avoiding since we started to learn to talk “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You have to know your zone of genius. I can help you operate in your zone of genius full time. However, You have to know what you really, really want. Dig deep and find it out. Or else, we are going to have a problem going around in circles because I bring things to life which turned out to be something your are personally in alignment with. Let me tell you, if you are running a business and it is not in alignment with what you want to do and you ask me to help enable you - it will be a disaster! It will suck for you, big time! And in turn, as this is my craft and artwork, it sucks for me too! Therefore, clarity is the key!

How does a 3 day work week while earning your current full time role earnings sound? Sweet right! I can design a workflow, create systems and hire team members to enable you to do this in 90 to 180 days depending on huge your business is.

This is the end of the hustle culture. This is a new era of abundance in all aspects of our life! We have built our own businesses not be an employee in our business!

We have built it to:

  • Turn our passion into our full time job.

  • Spend more time with family and build meaningful relationships.

  • Have more time to know ourselves better and improve.

  • Find our purpose and thrive.

  • Serve our people.

You are not going to be able to do that if you are so focused on creating those landing pages yourself! You are stealing away time and money from your children if you are not responsible enough to delegate!

You have to stop the “act now, think later” practice and make a plan in respect to your clients, team members, family and yourself.

I know - your light bulb moments and your passion is what brings you to where you are right now. But that is not what will take you to the next level you ought to go. You have to learn to plan ahead every quarter and build from top level vision down, not work your way from the bottom to top anymore.

At this point in the game, you are sitting on top and you have the power to dictate where we are all headed, please be considerate and respectful enough to take accountability in your power.

I would love to help you explore this life of no rush, nor fires to put out and a 3-day or 4-day work week model!