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Hi! I'm Antoinette!
Es-tu prêt?

Integrator, Operations Director, Certified Online Business Manager and Fix This Next Consultant.

No matter my title is, one thing is for sure; I am the person who will help you get things 

Having the experience to work with enterprise businesses and several 7 figure business owners, I am a proven perfect partner for visionary and creative business owners. I have been through the hustle but working with high achieving business owners for a decade, I have decided to focus on bringing in harmony to my client's lives to enable them to be abundant not only in money but in time, energy and relationships as well. 

I can help you live to a 3-day or 4-day work week by building systems and hiring teams. 

The only thing I ask is having a solid vision and clarity for your life and business.

I am unapologetically NOT a fit for you and your business if…

  • you don't have a vision

  • you are not motivated enough

  • you are looking for someone to dump things on

  • you suck the energy out of everyone on your team

  • you tend to change your mind every minute

When I work with clients, I like to take MASSIVE ACTION. Meaning we come up with a strategy, I plan out what needs to happen to implement that strategy, we review the plan and tweak as necessary, and then I take immediate action in implementing the things that need to happen for your vision to come to life.


So if you can’t decide what you want …then you won’t want to work with me.

So are you ready to make your business work around your life and not the other way around?


Services by

Antoinette Placides

Certified OBM®

and Consultant

90 for 90 Breakthrough Session

90 Minute Session

Are you feeling stuck and need some guidance to plan on placing systems in your business, hiring team members, prioritizing goals and creating a road map for the next 90 days? 90 for 90 Business Check Up is a 1:1 session with me so we can discuss your needs and even share you some insights on how to live a 3 day work week schedule.

90 for 90 Business Strategy Consultation

In-depth 3 Months Strategy Consultation

If you already have kick-ass team in place but you need some guidance on how to drive the business and the team a little further, 90 for 90 Business Strategy Consultation might be for you where we spend 3 months working together and hoping on a call once every 2 weeks, that's a total of 6 burning calls working on your business and your vision!

90 Days Strategy Implementation

3 months of Strategy and Implementation

If you are looking to strategize and implement systems, process and roadmap to achieving your goals with me then 90 Days Strategy Implementation is for you! I will work with you closely to build a 90 day plan to target and achieve your most important goals and implement processed to systematize you business and put you on a 3 day or 4 day work week, how does that sound?

Reach out today to learn which offer will work for you.




Jon Everett, CEO & Founder of FiberFlies LLC

"We have had some major wins, some fires put out, some delays & hiccups we needed to learn from, some recalibration, but at the end of the day Antoinette has been moving things forward and delivering results we planned, even when things get a bit crazy or distracted. 


Antoinette is ultra-committed to me & my business vision. That feels really good - that it's not just any old job for her. I feel she really has my back, in a holistic way; helping to ensure that the business is evolving to the next level, and also helping me keep on top of leveling up my personal habits so I can be a more productive and fulfilled me. 

I can tell she is really empathetic to figure out how to best support me. 

I find Antoinette's personality fun to work with! We have good communication rapport that is energizing. On our video calls, she does a good job of allowing me to talk things out, but keeping me on track.


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Here's a Quick and Sustainable Email Management Guide!

There are tons and tons of email management SOPs, guides and tutorials out there but a lot are also too overwhelming too implement or the process to maintain defeats the purpose of you having an email management system - to maintain it and eliminate spending so much time in your email. 

I have created an easy to follow and implement Email Management SOP and Guide to help you take control of your inbox, today!